Classic Car Specialist's

We are based in Northamptonshire and are restorers and sellers of Classic Cars of all types and budgets. We do not specialise in one marque, as part of our enjoyment is sharing your enjoyment in the vehicle of your dreams, and how you came to want or own it…

We are owned by a classic car enthusiast who has owned many classic cars over the years, covering the full spectrum of vehicles from a BMW 3 Series to a top of the range supercar. All were loved for various reasons and provided great enjoyment and many happy memories.
It is our aim is to combine the professionalism of a large dealer group with the friendliness of a small family garage. This means you get the investment in equipment, modern levels of communication, progress updates, combined with a cup of tea and an informal chat to work through what you want from your vehicle. We will then take personal responsibility to deliver this for you.

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